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Website Backup Service

We offer our customers a comprehensive website backup service to make sure you always have a copy of your website stored securely.

Server Backups

When your website is hosted through us, complete backups of the server running your website are automatically taken daily and are used for disaster recovery purposes only. This means should a server fail with a hardware problem the server will be restored from the most recent hardware backup.

Hardware backups are for a full restore of all hosting systems and websites on a server. They cannot be used for restores of an individual website.

Multiple Backup Schedules to choose from

As part of our standard support package we offer a separate backup service for clients who prefer that we perform regular backups of their WordPress websites and databases for more immediate needs.
We have several schedules to choose from, ranging from monthly through to hourly, depending on your need.
We also include a recovery service, should the need arise.

Offsite Backup Locations

All our backups are stored separately to the location of the website, allowing for the best disaster recovery policy.

Let us take control!

By allowing us to take control of your backup schedule and storage, it means you can work on your business while we provide you with the peace of mind that, should your website become hacked or damaged it can quickly be restored and get you up and running again.