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SEO Health Check

Higher positions on the Search Engine Results Page cause more visitors to click through to your website which typically leads to increased business.

Search Engines, like Google, have sophisticated algorithms to ensure the most appropriate list of websites, for a given search phrase, is displayed.

Google’s search algorithm considers over 200 factors in a website to determine its ranking position.

There are many simple tips and techniques that can be implemented in a website that will have a positive affect on increasing the website’s Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). Following these tips is the art of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

It is quite surprising just how many websites do not implement some quite simple techniques and lose business. Not all web design companies have specialist SEO experience and customers are therefore unaware their websites will not appear high in Search Results.

Somerset Web Services has an SEO Health Check service which examines key points in your website and provides recommendations on how to improve your SEO. The service allows you or your web designer to consider and implement the recommendations.

The SEO Health Check will examine and report how effective, from a Search Engine perspective, your website performs on key points including, but not limited to:

  • <title> tags
  • URL and page name effectiveness
  • Heading tags, <h1>, <h2>
  • Proper use of CSS structures
  • Use of Javascript and Images
  • And much much more!

Our SEO Health Check report contains analysis and recommendations on key points in your website.

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