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About Us

Somerset Web Services deliver more than just good looking websites … we deliver the trust, reliability and support to help build your business.

We are based in offices in Taunton and have a team of specialists you can contact us on any business day from 9am to 5pm.

You can come into our offices and discuss your web needs face-to-face.

Many web designers work from home or it is a second job in their spare time. These designers typically ignore longer term issues like maintenance, ownership and even support. They cannot provide a guaranteed support service every week of the year. To summarise, there is a risk to your business using home-based workers.

We have many clients who have had a CMS website developed by another company, either locally or abroad. In some cases the other company has gone out of business leaving them without a website. In other cases the support has not been available or they have been locked in to excessive hosting charges.

Somerset Web Services has a team of experts who can provide a range of services to help build your business.

A one-stop shop who you can trust for advice, skills and support for almost any online- or software- based aspect of your business.

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