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Browser Compatibility

This service is aimed at fixing and improving websites which have been poorly designed by other agencies and which do not work properly in all browsers.

We have the expertise to analyse and fix your site, so that it looks great to all users. Anybody who has browsed the web using more than one browser is most probably aware that web pages often display differently on different browsers. This is due to the browser interpreting and parsing the script (that the page is written in) differently.

Some web design companies often design sites for just one or two leading browsers and ignore the minority who use other browsers. This can affect the customer’s opinion of your website due to the poor aesthetic quality caused by pages not rendering correctly. Navigation may move, images may overlap and content may disappear all together. This will be detrimental to the impression the customer gets of your business.

With the advent of Internet Explorer 10, many websites are becoming unusable, due to them being developed for the previous version of Internet Explorer. Some agencies totally overlook  Google Chrome which had 35% market share in November 2012.

How sure are you that your site looks right to everyone?
We, at Somerset Web Services, appreciate the smallest details in the design of a web page. We test our sites on all of the regularly (and not so regularly) used browsers to ensure that our customer sites always look great and work properly.

Typical issues include:

  • Sites being developed for IE10 but not displaying correctly in Firefox
  • Sites being developed for IE10 but not displaying correctly in Chrome
  • Sites being developed for Chrome not displaying correctly in IE8
  • Sites being developed for Firefox but not working correctly in IE8