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WordPress Support Package

Within our standard WordPress support package we offer a fixed number of hours which can be used by you over the term of the agreement.

As part of the agreement we would perform the following tasks (outside the number of allocated hours):

  • WordPress core and plugin software updates, ensuring your website is kept up-to-date with security fixes
  • We will maintain any internal components of your website for you should there be internal coding not designed to be maintained by the WordPress editor

These are the activities that can be performed and deducted from your hourly allocation are:

  • Fixing problems you may have experienced while adding or editing content (such as copying in from Word and adding junk code)
  • Advice and guidance on how to add/delete/change pages
  • Tweaks to your website to make space for a new page in the menu
  • Changes to the menu structure/navigation
  • Image resizing or alignment problems
  • SEO questions and advice
  • Advice on the use of News/Blog Categories and Tags
  • Advice and guidance for any plugins and advanced features we have installed or developed as part of your website

Our WordPress support package provides you with the re-assurance that there is always someone who knows the details of how your website works and any customisations made to it.

WordPress support is provided for those editors who received face-to-face WordPress training in our offices. Should you require support for new WordPress editors we shall require them to undertake a (chargeable) face-to-face training session to ensure they also have the necessary skills to maintain your website.


When the website is hosted through us, hardware backups of the server running your website are automatically taken daily and are used for disaster recovery purposes only. This means should a server fail with a hardware problem the server will be restored from the most recent hardware backup.

Hardware backups are for a full restore of all hosting systems and websites on a server. They cannot be used for restores of an individual website.

We offer a separate Backup Service for clients who prefer that we perform regular backups of websites and WordPress databases. This includes a restore service if required.