Cloudflare Data Leak - Please Update your Passwords

Cloudflare Data Leak - Please Update your Passwords

Today we have learned of a data leak in a piece of software called Cloudflare that we use to help manage some of the websites we look after.

Cloudflare acts as a firewall between website visitors and the web server. Usually when a visitor accesses a website it will securely provide them with only the data they requested. However, it’s been announced today that between September 22nd 2016 and February 18th 2017 data being sent to users has on occasions regrettably been mixed with data requested by other users.

Cloudflare are reporting that data leakage has only occurred on 3438 of the 5.5 million websites on Cloudflare. It’s possible that data from the unaffected websites could have been leaked to visitors to these 3438 websites, but we have been informed by Cloudflare this morning that none of our customers’ websites have been affected.

As a security precaution we are changing passwords on our side of things, and are strongly advising customers to update their login passwords for their websites.

If you have any questions then please contact us on 01823 353760. For more information please see these links:

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