Have you considered an SSL Certificate for your website?

Recently, you may have heard of two security concerns found across the web; the Heartbleed bug, and eBay asking its users to change their passwords.

The Heartbleed bug looked to exploit a flaw in the OpenSSL method of data encryption used by many of the world’s websites. The servers we used were checked by our hosting company, and any issues were immediately highlighted and resolved.

In the wake of announcing that its user data had been compromised, eBay has asked its users to consider changing their passwords as a precaution.

Now that the SSL certificate problem has now been fixed, this could be a good time to consider adding an SSL certificate to your website.

For more information on SSL certificates, please click here.

Not only is having an SSL certificate a good way of protecting the data passed to and from your website, it gives confidence to visitors of your website that you are protecting their data. This is especially valuable if you are running an eCommerce website, or one that deals with membership information.

If you are interested in an SSL certificate, or would like to more, please contact us.

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