15th January - new website launched

Today, 15th January 2014, we have launched our new website!

Our previous website (screenshot below) was developed back in 2009 and was based on web designs at that time.

Our website designed in 2009

It has served us well. However it is surprising just how quickly web designs change and a website can start to look dated in just a few years.

New technology drives change as well. Faster broadband connections, like fibre and 4G, lead towards typical usage of large photos and slider transitions on the home page.

New hardware, like smartphones, tablets and phablets (cross between a smartphone and a tablet) drives new design techniques including Responsive and smartphone-specific websites.

We loved the old website, however it was time for a change. We love the new one even more and hope our current and new customers can easily find the information they are looking for. The multi-column hover dropdowns give quicker access to more information pages on the site.

Incidentally, if you wondering, the background images on the home page slider are popular places in Somerset you may recognise:

  • Burnham-on-Sea lighthouse
  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Clevedon Pier
  • Portishead Harbour development
  • Weston-super-Mare beach and Steep Holm
  • Pulteney Bridge, Bath
  • RG Tree Services
    RG Tree Services
  • ASG Services
    ASG Services
  • Dryad Gin
    Dryad Gin
  • Diversity Voice
    Diversity Voice
  • Sally’s School of Motoring
    Sally’s School of…
  • Wivey Pool
    Wivey Pool