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bs-docs-responsive-illustrationsAt Somerset Web Services we pride ourselves on using the best tools for the job. These are tools that give us the agility, quality and reliability to produce bespoke, CMS or WebLite websites that look and feel as the customer expects whilst taking advantage of the latest technological advancements.

You can see all these aspects in websites that we produced using world leading open source software such as Magento, OpenCart and WordPress.

We have recently started using another excellent tool called Bootstrap and like most of our tools it is open source so is well supported and actively developed by passionate developers from many different disciplines, without carrying a hefty price tag.

Bootstrap is a modular framework that we use in bespoke website designs to create the underlying layout that is responsive to mobile and desktop browsers and cross-browser compatible. With this underlying layout managed by Bootstrap we can then spend our time on producing the great website designs that our customers expect from us.

You can find out about our bespoke designs on our Website Design page.

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