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What’s a CMS / Content Management System ?

How frustrating is it when all you need to change is a single line of text but you have to phone your website developer, give him or her the content and then wait for the changes to be made?

CMS stands for a Content Management System which allows you to securely login and change the content of your website’s pages, add and edit images, embed video, add new testimonials and regularly add news articles to improve your Google ranking.

How will it help my business ?

A CMS solution keeps your business image fresh and gives you the power to promote all of your latest products and services.

Regularly changing content is also very important to increase your Google Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). Google thrives on up-to-date content. If you want to appear on Google page 1, your website’s content needs to be refreshed regularly.

What do you recommend ?

Content Management SystemWe recommend WordPress as it is the most widely used CMS package worldwide.

It is open-source which means you are assured that you have a non-proprietary CMS website that you fully own unlike many web companies who do not allow you to move your CMS website to another hosting provider.

It is continually being enhanced by hundreds of dedicated developers who quickly support new technologies making it the reliable future-proof solution for your business.

By adopting the most widely-used open-source CMS product you can be assured there’s no risk to your business compared to a proprietary solution from a web company who has developed their own product.

Companies which use WordPress include:

CNN Samsung WSJ Yahoo

Features of our WordPress Content Management System solution

Instantly updated with relevant content

The main benefit of a CMS is that when your business changes, so does your website.

You control your content and have the power to edit or add new pages 24/7, anywhere in the world.


Open sourced

Built and maintained by a large community of professional developers, WordPress evolves at an amazing pace, adding new features and improvements in user experience before its competitors.

open source

Used by millions of people

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS. With 61 million users using it either as a blog, a publishing platform or both, WordPress is easily the industry leader in the CMS space.


PHP and HTML code themes

All websites shouldn’t look the same, and WordPress gives us the flexibility to create themes based around your specification and not its limitations.


Search engine friendly

Being found is the most important thing for a website. WordPress includes advanced features that make it easy to maintain a high position with permalinks, tags, categories and auto-pinging for new posts.


Incorporate Facebook and Twitter

Automatically syndicate your latest post to Twitter and Facebook. This gives your readers the opportunity to share / retweet your posts.

social networking

Easy file / picture uploading

No need to use complicated FTP programs to upload images, just use the built-in media uploading tool to drag and drop images into your website from your hard drive.

file upload

Post / Page revisions

If you realise you’ve made a mistake while editing your website and need to revert back then that’s easy with WordPress. Each revision is kept and can be compared, or reverted, at a click of a button.