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Three years ago I had my first website designed by Somerset Web Services and I was struck at how professional and easy to work with they are. Three years later my site still looked good but as a marketing professional, I wanted to be able to demonstrate some of the new features available now and so decided to go back to the team and ask them to build another for me. They carefully selected a number of potential themes for me to choose from and, once the choice was made, personalised it to my very particular preferences.

Marketing companies make the worse customers as we analyse, dissect and generally get picky over everything; this the team took in good spirit and nothing was too much for them.

I have got a site I am delighted with and the inbuilt flexibility that WordPress offers means that I will have a site that will last me the next 3-4 years (or until I get bored!).

However, a testimonial for an IT base company isn’t really complete without mention of the support package and I have always been impressed at how quickly I get an answer to a problem, even if it is one that I have usually created myself!

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