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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is commonly known, is the art of tweaking a website to ensure that Search Engines can find the content and meaning of all pages on a website.

Search Engines need to recognise web content to do their work properly and return the best set of ordered pages.

Search Engines have become more and more sophisticate since the mid 90’s when most people used search tools like AltaVista. Surprising as it may seem, Google has not been here for ever, it is a relative newcomer as it celebrated its 10th birthday in September 2008.

There are more than 200 tweaks that websites can implement to ensure Search Engines easily recognise the content on all web pages. By performing these tweaks, and some take only minutes, it ensures a web page will appear higher in Search Engine results than competitor web pages. This is the process known as SEO.

Some people claim it is a process to trick Search Engines to artificially push one website up the results list, or rankings as they are technically known. In practice, the process is no different to any marketing exercise, like advertising a house for sale to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible.

SEO is a specialist exercise and requires a good understanding of the way Search Engines work. Many web companies charge thousands of pounds for performing these tweaks, in some cases for simple fixes that take less than an hour.

Somerset Web Services, based in Taunton, Somerset, are helping businesses across the entire UK with their unique SEO Health Check service. It is a bit like a car MOT where it identifies all the web elements that need attention. It also reassures the business about the elements that don’t need fixing. The business can then decide if they want to fix any problems, either by themselves or by any competent web company.

Nigel Finch, Managing Director of Somerset Web Services, stated “it is quite surprising, every single website we have examined has had fundamental SEO weaknesses that have been easily fixed”.

One business who recently used the Health Check was The Business Property Network which provides a directory of business property for rent or purchase in Somerset and Wiltshire.

Chris Langdon of BPN found the report very useful and commented, “Very impressed with the level of detail that the Health Check went into. It reassured us that our website was optimised well and also gave us some good recommendations to move up the rankings”.

For more information on the SEO Health Check contact Somerset Web Services on 01823 353760

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