New Version of Google Chrome means majority of websites need to use HTTPS


As we described in our most recent news article, all websites on the internet are gradually being forced to convert from HTTP to HTTPS.

As it stands, internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox only show an ‘insecure’ warning to users browsing HTTP websites if the page they’re looking at contains a form that could be used to pass confidential data, such as a login screen or payment form.

However, with version 62 of Chrome, which is due to be released in October 2017, this is set to change. The insecure warning will be displayed to website visitors if the page they’re on contains any kind of form field at all.

This will have massive implications. Does your website have a search form? If so, if your website still uses HTTP then this will be enough for the page to be flagged as insecure to visitors. If the search form is on every page, then the warning will be shown on every page.

If your website has a feature allowing visitors to sign up their email address to a mailing list, you can expect the same warnings.

On top of this, anyone using Chrome’s Incognito mode to view insecure pages will also receive the warning.

This impending change has made one thing abundantly clear: if your website is still using HTTP, you can’t afford to leave it as it is – now is the time to start planning the conversion to HTTPS.

Somerset Web Services are able to assist in the switchover from HTTP to HTTPS and have special deals available to our customers.

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