Switching from HTTP to HTTPS



In modern times it is important to ensure that information passed over the internet is properly encrypted and as secure as possible.

One way this can be achieved is to use the HTTPS transfer protocol rather than the usual HTTP you may have seen. This is achieved by registering an SSL Certificate for the website.

Until recently the use of HTTPS was an optional addition. However, in early 2017 popular browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox started showing ‘Insecure’ warning messages on any website not using HTTPS – in effect making its use a necessity to avoid putting visitors off.

The Switch Process

There are several aspects to consider when switching, such as:

  • Does my hosting provider supply SSL Certificates and how much? – Some providers are now supplying them for FREE.
  • Does my hosting provider give other benefits for switching to HTTPS? – Depending on their infrastructure it could also make your website faster.
  • Updating the URL of all internal links that start with http:// to be https://
  • If your website uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN), is it compatible with HTTPS?
  • What level of SSL certificate do you require? Different certificates offer varying levels of protection. Standard certificates are normally enough.

Why Should I Switch?

Given the rise in worldwide computer attacks in recent years, such as the 2014 Heartbleed Bug and the attack on the NHS earlier in 2017, website owners should be doing everything they can to protect their visitors and their data.

If your website is used to sell items and deals with monetary transactions then it’s especially important to switch over to HTTPS.

Somerset Web Services are able to assist in the switchover from HTTP to HTTPS and have special deals available to our customers.

For more information please contact us or give us a call on 01823 353760, or see the following: https://yoast.com/moving-your-website-to-https-ssl-tips-tricks


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