How fast is your website?

Website Loading Times

According to stats recently published by the BBC roughly 50% of the population feel that three seconds is too long to wait for a website to load.

This is despite stats showing that over the last year the global average page load time increased by 7%, from 4.2 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

One cause of this global increase is the number of connections required by websites to third-party software such as social media sites.

The stats published by the BBC also show that for an eCommerce website hoping to sell products or services, just half a second in page load times can mean a 10% difference in sales.

Is my website fast enough?

This is a question that all websites owners should frequently be asking. Can I remove any unwanted features to improve my website’s speed? Is there a particular feature that’s adding more time to the overall load speed that I need to sacrifice?

Simplifying or removing features from your website lowers the ‘user experience’ of your website, which could have as much of a detrimental effect as a decrease in speed. It’s a balancing act that all website owners must consider when analysing their website.

The hosting environment can also have an effect on a website’s speed. If your website is on a shared hosting platform it means you are sharing your server with other websites, so their performance and usage of resources will affect your website’s speed.

Somerset Web Services can assist you with improving your website’s speed. For more information please email us at or give us a call on 01823 353760.



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