Student Kien Bennett Completes Week of Work Experience with Somerset Web Services

Over the last week we were thrilled to be joined by local student Kien Bennett, 15, in our office for a week of work experience.

Kien, who has an interest in IT and was keen to find out more about working in an office-based environment, had the following comments about his time here:

“Hello, my name is Kien and I have just experienced what a typical week looks like at Somerset Web Services. I got this great experience of witnessing what the world of work would look like and feel like due to my school’s work experience scheme.

I am currently taking part in my last day here, and I have loved every minute of it. I’m not going to lie to you as a reader, I was slightly scared walking into this office for the first day. This was due to getting out of my comfort zone and going to somewhere I have never been before. Within ten minutes of my placement, I was introduced to the team and then, in this short period of time, I was already hopeful and excited of what the week would have to offer.

Throughout the week I have been taught things that even my school doesn’t teach. During my first day my brain was already being filled with information. Every day I would be mentored and taught by Tim, after he taught me all of the things I would need to know, he then set me a task. This task would normally take me most of the remaining hours of the workday to do.

Talking about the work day – us work experience students have to work normal working hours, in my case I have to work from 9AM-5PM which I’m not used to. Everyday when I get home from my placement I check social media and see that all of my close friends are hating their placement and then you have me, LOVING IT!

So what have I learnt this week? I have learnt loads of programming techniques and languages including: PHP, HTML, CSS and even how to use WordPress.

If you or your child ever has the opportunity to apply for a work experience placement I would overwhelmingly recommend that they take that offer quickly so they can experience what I have be lucky enough this week due to my placement.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Somerset Web Services for making this week really enjoyable for me, and for teaching me things I haven’t learnt before.”

Lead Developer Chris Green had the following comments:

“It’s been great having Kien in the office this week with us – he has flown through all of the work that we prepared for him. We have been impressed by his professional manner throughout and how he has shown a real desire to learn. We all enjoyed his company and wish him well for the future.”

From left to right: Lead Developer Chris Green, Developer Steven Denslow and Work Experience student Kien Bennett

From left to right: Lead Developer Chris Green, Developer Steven Denslow and Work Experience student Kien Bennett

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