April 2016 Summary of Websites Launched

Please find below a summary of some of the websites we put live during April 2016:

  • Maxvinyl Records – Maxvinyl is a company with whom we’ve had a relationship for several years, dating back to when we first built their Magento store. The new website is built using WooCommerce and allows customers to search through and make purchases from the vast vinyl collection (25000+) of it’s owner, Max Hooley.
  • UK Colloidal Silver – Another eCommerce website we launched this month, the website has been designed to allow customers to make purchases of various quantities of Colloidal Silver which can be taken for medicinal purposes.
  • Mei’s Buffet Restaurant – Mei’s is a brand new buffet restaurant that has recently opened in Taunton. The website showcases a gallery of their food which includes dishes from China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Thailand.
April 2016 Summary of Websites Launched
  • RG Tree Services
    RG Tree Services
  • ASG Services
    ASG Services
  • Dryad Gin
    Dryad Gin
  • Diversity Voice
    Diversity Voice
  • Sally’s School of Motoring
    Sally’s School of…
  • Wivey Pool
    Wivey Pool