Announcing a new collaborative service

As a web development company we come across many companies whose websites are simply, not working for them or don’t know where to start with their first website.
They may have spent a lot of their own time trying to build a website using a templated platform such as Weebly, Wix or Vistaprint, or may have tried to build their own.
The initial website build seems cheap until they realise that to achieve anything with it they need to buy the Add-ons. SEO modules are the first and they also have to pay to have advertising removed.

Before they know it they are paying a lot of money every month, with no direct support, relying on website forums and emails to hosting companies who are usually based in a different time zone. Many hours can be eaten wasted and whilst this is happening, they are not doing anything to actively grow their business!

A problem faced by many businesses is what to put on their website: the content; text and images, especially with a new website.

To help resolve this we sought out a local marketing company who would be prepared to work in close collaboration with us in helping companies in this position. These companies don’t need a large website to start with; they need one that can grow with them.

Somerset Web Service has teamed up with White Knight Marketing to deliver this unique collaboration – at an amazing price!

The amazing new offer we have created is …. Weblite Websites!

Just £400 plus VAT to have the support of a marketing professional in creating your copy and the technological support of an experienced web developer to create the site you need!


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Announcing a new collaborative service
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