Keep your WordPress Installation and Plugins up-to-date

You may or may not have heard that recently a website owned by Microsoft,, was successfully targeted by hackers who managed to break into it and fill it with spam pages and links.

How did the hackers get in? It’s being reported (source) that the cause was the website running an out-of-date version of WordPress, which left the gates open for the attack to get through.

The fact that a company as large as Microsoft can be hacked so easily shows how susceptible we all are, and that as many precautions as possible should be taken to protect your website. It also highlights just how vulnerable your website is if you let your version of WordPress or any plugins go out-of-date.

Are you keeping your version of WordPress up to date? How about your plugins? Are you removing/replacing out-of-date plugins that are no longer monitored by their developers with replacements that offer constant security patches?

If your answer to the questions in the last paragraph above is no, then Somerset Web Services can help. As part of our support package we take care of these issues for you – monitoring the software used on your website for security patches and updates to ensure your website is given the best protection it can.

For more information on our support packages can be found here, or alternatively please contact us for more information.


Keep your WordPress Installation and Plugins up-to-date
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