Wilkins Safety Group Website Launched


Wilkins Safety are a company offering health and safety consultancy services to businesses.

We were approached by the company to re-design their existing website as it was starting to look out-of-date, and lacked a lot of the features of a modern website.

Using a professional-looking colour scheme, the website presents detailed information about the company and the services it offers. The website is responsive, which means that it dynamically adjusts to be viewed more efficiently on smaller devices with smaller screen resolutions.

Some of the advanced features include sliders, social media feeds dynamically pulled in and displayed on the website, an online contact form and an interactive events calendar.

We are also especially proud of the newsletter feature, which pulls in selected news posts from the last week into a central news page (custom-built by SWS), which can then in turn be turned into a PDF.

We are very happy with the end result, which is a great-looking modern website. If you feel your website is starting to look out of date, please contact us.

Wilkins Safety Screenshot

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