New responsive website launched for Knight Brothers Travel

Today we have published a new website for Knight Brothers Travel.

The Knight Brothers website was beginning to look a little dated as it was designed seven years ago in 2007. It can be quite surprising how website design changes so quickly. Just like any shop window, it needs some TLC!

It’s also hard to believe but very few smartphones were used to access websites back then, less than a decade ago. Consequently websites were not designed to automatically adjust their display for a smartphone.

Since 2012 websites have been developed to incorporate new software known as “Responsive Web Design, or RWD”, which is a feature of all our websites.

Knight Brothers wanted to be sure their website was “up with the times” and to display properly on the rapidly growing market who access the internet via mobile 3G or 4G broadband.

Knight Brothers Travel website

We appreciate the kind feedback from Steve Dyer …

Testimonial from Steve Dyer, Knight Brothers Travel

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