Tip – write natural sounding news articles

Matt Cutts from Google has launched another useful insight on the importance of the clarity of your web content. Following his tips will influence how Google pushes your website up the Google rankings.


Put simply, he is saying that information that is easier to read and understand (“aimed at a 5 year old”) will provide a better User Experience than using complex technical jargon that falls on deaf ears.

For those reasons, we recommend when you are writing News articles (which we strongly recommend you do regularly) ensure they are natural sounding and aimed at your target audience.

This will increase the time visitors spend on your site and encourage clicks to other pages. All positive SEO techniques (as well as good old fashioned marketing material).

By improving the User Experience it follows that Google will see your website as more interesting and informative than others. Naturally Google wants popular sites appearing higher up their rankings.

Of course there are ways to accommodate both the dumbed down and the more scientific needs. Write the easy to understand article on one page, sprinkle one or two terms not known to the layman, like Responsive Web Design, with links to an underlying more scientific detailed page.

Matt summarises it by saying ‘You don’t have to dumb it down that much …. just err on the side of clarity if you can’.

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