New .uk domains available from 10th June 2014

The launch date for new .uk domains has been announced as 10th June 2014. The introduction of this new .uk extension is the biggest change to the .uk domain since it was created.

For our customers who registered a with us before 29th October 2013 we can order the new .uk domain name for you and guarantee your .uk ownership from the 10th June.

If you registered your after 29th October 2013 and the and domains have not been taken we can also order your new .uk domain.

Ordering your new .uk domain name guarantees your ownership on 10th June 2014 and will protect your business from competitors stealing your brand.

The industry believes that, as time goes by, more and more companies will start using .uk instead of domains will become the new standard for UK-related business websites.

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