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You probably already know that Somerset Web Services offer a wide range of design and on-line services. You may not know, it that we offer far more than just brochure and eCommerce websites.

We have a team of highly skilled Software Engineers who are able to create bespoke software to solve your business problems via Internet/Intranet or on PC/mobile platforms.

We have created several workflow systems in the past, some of our biggest clients include Hinkley Supply Chain and NHS. We have also created mobile applications which take advantage of GPS to plot your location, our flagship application is Pro Golf Analyzer.

If you have any software requirements, such as

  • Exporting databases into excel or other easily readable formats
  • Running scheduled tasks such as backups, database imports or “auto-tweeting”
  • Mobile applications for you customers or staff on the move

Please get in touch for a no-obligation fixed price quotation.

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