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On-line Shopping

With Christmas fast approaching and people becoming exponentially busier, it is not surprising that a high percentage of people are doing their Christmas Shopping on-line.

In our opinion it is not just those looking for savings that are shopping on-line, it is purely the convenience of being able to order a Christmas present whilst sat in the office at lunch, or during the daily commute on the train.

We have mixed emotions towards Christmas shopping here at Somerset Web Services. Whilst some employees prefer to do it all on-line, others prefer being in the town centre amongst the hustle and bustle of local shoppers. Either way, by a show of hands, 100% of us had bought at least one present this year using the internet.

It is not just the on-line giants such as amazon and ebay that benefit from this seasonal shopping behaviour. We have found that small independent stores can also benefit from from having an on-line presence, even if it’s simply the ability to pre-order items for collection on a specific date and time.

If you already have a website and are interested in selling your products or services on-line, or if you are looking for a complete e-commerce  solution including a website, search engine optimisation, invoice and stock control etc. Please get in touch.

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