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Have you been stung with low quality link building campaigns?In the past lots of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies encouraged companies to pay for link building (usually low quality link building) and the more links the better. This meant that if you were running a carpet cleaning company and you built 1000 links to your company website from other sites, blogs and forums you could improve your position in Google. It didn’t matter what these sites were, they could have been low quality sites with nothing at all to do with carpet cleaning and the link would have helped your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

Following the Panda and Penguin updates this year Google has now (among other things) changed this and only links from high quality relevant sources will help to improve your SERP. The owner of the carpet company has to now add links from high quality and relevant sites such as home maintenance sites, carpet sites and cleaning sites and remove all of the low quality non relevant links to his website.

Any links from poor quality non relevant sites can have a negative affect on your SERP and in some instances you can actually be removed from Google for “unnatural links”.

Get in contact with us if your website has been affected by low quality link building schemes as we are able to help.

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