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Open DataThe recent launch of the new Gov.uk site aims to create a gateway to access all Government Data and Services. A way to share data in an easily accessible method, merging both Directgov and the extremely tedious and overpriced Business Link.

If you have previously tried to access Government data you will know that it can be a needle in a variety of differently styled haystacks, each with their own complex navigation. It is still early days for the website and the jury is still out regarding its effectiveness and its investment.

“Gov.uk will not be a project that’s built and then just sits there but a work in progress, continually evolving as the world around it.” We will certainly be keeping an eye on it!

“There is a drive to get smaller firms involved in public sector web contracts, and in the Government Digital Service there is now a central pool of skills rather than a lot of separate units at each department, all trying to do their own thing.” Somerset Web Services have experience in creating Government reports indirectly through NHS projects. We also have the authorisation to purchase and register Gov.uk  domains.

Here at Somerset Web Services we offer several methods to share your data with either the general public or private/authenticated members. The most common being a straightforward website containing news, press releases and event management systems. For the more technical savvy we offer RSS feeds and APIs to allow third parties to use and interpret the data in any way they want to.

If you are looking to open up your data beyond a website, get in touch to see what we can do.

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