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We were excited about the launch of Visual Studio 2012  – so much so that we hung around in the office yesterday to watch the live keynote speech by Somasegar with demonstrations provided by Jason Zander and Brian Harry.

We are enthusiastic about what the combination of .Net 4.5 and VS 2012 will bring in collaboration with Windows 8 and WP 8.

Somerset Web Services is far more than a Web Design company, we create bespoke software for a variety of platforms. If you have software which is out of date, slow or no longer manageable, contact us to discuss how you can leverage new technology to provide your business with the software it deserves.

With connected devices and cloud-based services, users expect a consistent experience regardless of the device used (desktop, tablet, mobile or web). As registered MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) programmers we have of course already been using beta release tools to prototype exciting new client apps that make information more easily accessible to users, on any device, at any time.

Somasegar states that modern apps are user-centric, social and data-centric. We couldn’t agree more!

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