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Here at Somerset Web Services we love to keep up with the latest technology, so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest micro-computer.

Costing £30 this credit-sized computer called Raspberry Pi  was design with the aim of helping children to learn how to program, but is so versatile that it has already been used to photograph near space and could soon be autonomously exploring the Atlantic.

Since its initial release it has been hugely successful both in sales – selling over 20,000 units in 3 months – and in achieving its original goal by helping children to learn to program. The most notable freshman to the world of programming is Philip; a 7 year-old boy who has already developed 3 games using his Raspberry Pi.

It’s great to see technology helping to educate children in how to take control of the technology around them, and providing the SWS staff with an opportunity to practise the development of applications on environments with limited resources, similar to those found on many of the smart phones and tablets that we develop for.

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