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Microsoft is currently overhauling its free web-mail service, which will see it being re-branded from Hotmail to Outlook.com.

The reason for the overhaul, according to Outlook’s blog, is to simplify the process users go through when managing their e-mails which is said to have become a “chore” due to being “overloaded” with material.

One of the most obvious changes users will notice is the web-site’s redesign to bring it into line with the new simplified Metro design being used on other popular Microsoft products. Along with the new look will be functionality to allow users to integrate with social services like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Skype.

According to the firm’s Chris Jones; “In the Outlook.com inbox, your personal email comes alive with photos of your friends, recent status updates and tweets that your friend has shared with you, the ability to chat and video call – all powered by an always up-to-date contact list that is connected to your social networks.”

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