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Today, December 1st 2011, EDF Energy launched a new National Supply Chain system, newnuclearsuppliers.edfenergy.com built by Somerset Web Services.

The supply chain system is an important preparation phase for development of new nuclear power stations (the New Nuclear Build) in the UK to address an energy gap from 2020 onwards when many UK power stations are scheduled to close.

Somerset Web Services were awarded the contract by EDF Energy in 2011 to build the National Supply Chain system after successful development and delivery of the regional Supply Chain website for Hinkley Point C in Somerset.

The Hinkley Point C Supply Chain website, developed in partnership with Somerset Chamber of Commerce, was launched in January 2011 and now has over 800 local Somerset businesses registered for the supply chain.

Somerset Web Services started design and specification discussions with EDF Energy for the new national system in April 2011.

The system includes advanced moderation and workflow features that allow the procurement teams at EDF Energy and Tier 1 Contractors to easily search and identify suitable companies for engagement in all aspects of the construction process.

The new Supply Chain system allows local, national and international companies to register their interest in engagement for the new nuclear builds. The system also allows service-based support companies to register their ability to provide the wide range of support services required for multi-billion pound infrastructure projects of this magnitude.

The system was built from the ground up by Somerset Web Services and demonstrates their advanced software engineering capabilities of designing and developing corporate management systems.

For more information on bespoke software engineering contact Somerset Web Services on 01823 353760.

National Supply Chain

National Supply Chain

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