During the break, we’ve been working on some improvements and additional features to help our customers with their websites.

Our Opening hours over the festive period in 2017.

As we described in our most recent news article, all websites on the internet are gradually being forced to convert from HTTP to HTTPS. As it stands, internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox only show an ‘insecure’ warning to users browsing HTTP websites if the page they’re looking at contains a form that could […]

It is reported that roughly 50% of the population feel that three seconds is too long to wait for a website to load (source: With that in mind, it’s important to keep your website as fast as possible. One of the key services we provide is analysing the speed and performance of our customers’ websites […]

Google will switch to its Mobile First index basing rankings on the quality and optimisation of the mobile version of the website, rather than desktop.

HTTPS over HTTP In modern times it is important to ensure that information passed over the internet is properly encrypted and as secure as possible. One way this can be achieved is to use the HTTPS transfer protocol rather than the usual HTTP you may have seen. This is achieved by registering an SSL Certificate […]