Our second article on how to improve your website is regarding the speed of your website. Have you ever used a website and had to wait for what seems forever for it to load? If you have, like me, you’ll then know how important it is for the user experience.

Has your WordPress website started running slowly and you are seeing your conversion rates quickly decrease? Website page loading and conversion rates are closely related so it really does pay to have a faster website. If you’re not sure how fast your web pages are loading then you can quickly test them using a performance […]

Google Chrome will be updating again so that all HTTP websites are marked as “not secure”. This will make it even more important that your website is secure with HTTPS so that visitors to your website aren’t put off from browsing your website or contacting you via an online form.

Our first article on how to improve your website is regarding images. Size matters when it comes to the images used on your website. Optimising your images can help improve the loading time and performance of your website.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect every business and even your website. Learn how we can help you be GDPR ready.

During the break, we’ve been working on some improvements and additional features to help our customers with their websites.